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Thank you for visiting the Every Nation Ministries New Zealand (Charities Commission No. CC50100) website for ministry partners who would like to become involved with God's Great Commission to go and make disciples through sending Missionaries to the Mission Fields of Aotearoa's cities, universities, communities, as well as the South Pacific region and our Global cousins throughout the nations of the world.

The purpose of this website is to provide an online giving option to serve our ministry partners, without whom no one would be sent, and people would not be introduced to the person of Jesus Christ through ENM.  We extend our gratitude to each individual, family, church, business, trust, ogranisation, etc. who partners with us to see lives changed.  Ministry partners make it all happen! 

Ministry partners may give to the general ministry fund, a project or a specific missionary.  Since our goal to reach every nation in our generation extends beyond just one area of ministry, a portion of each dollar given goes toward expanding the ministry and providing administrative support for missionaries and projects.  Your partnership is with the charity at large and TOGETHER we impact New Zealand and the globe for Christ through our ministry's expansion, projects, and sending missionaries to the mission field!  Please feel free to visit our global website for more information on Every Nation: www.everynation.org.

To begin partnering with Every Nation via Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), you can set-up a Monthly, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks), Twice a month (1st & 15th of the month) or weekly gift through the PushPay App or the Online Giving Page by clicking the "Partner" button below, or the "Click Here to Give" button at the top of the page:

Special gifts can also be given through clicking the Partner button above or via the PushPay App.  Please be sure to select to not repeat the gift, by clicking "No, just one time" rather than the preselected "Yes, set up recurring"

If you would like to partner via Credit Card, for an alternative frequency, such as every two months, quarterly, or every 6 months, you can choose from a couple options:

  1. You may utilise the non-recurring option on the Online Giving Page link above (or PushPay App). This would allow you give whenever you wish.  If you create a free PushPay account, it can remember your preferences making your giving simple each time you visit.
  2. You may follow the link: and fill in the PDF Giving form.  Then please call the ENM NZ office on (09) 579 0817 so we can inform you of how to securely send us your information.  If you are overseas, you may e-mail the ENM NZ office on EN.partnership@everynation.co.nz or Phone us using the New Zealand Country code of +64 to find out the secure means of providing the details to us.  Please note that this option will be manually processed at the interval you chose on either the 1st or 20th of the month.  Also, please be sure to indicate on the form which missionary (or missionaries) below you wish to partner with.

Alternatively, you can give directly to the ministry through an Automatic Payment from a New Zealand bank account.  The AP form can be retrieved by clicking this link: .  You can print this off, fill it in and take it to your bank for processing.  Please Note, you will need to enter a suffix on the form for the specific missionary, and ensure you refernece your name and the missionary's name.  Please contact the missionary or the ENM NZ office to obtain the account information.  A last note, separate AP forms will need to be filled in, if you wish to partner with more than one missionary or couple.

To partner with us through a Credit Card other than Visa or MasterCard, you may use PayPal. Please type in the missionary name(s) in the Special Instructions for Donation comment box that appears on the Review Page.  As a note, there is no recurring gift option with PayPal; this is why we encourage giving through PushPay.  However, we want to allow as many people as possible to partner with the Lord through the ministry, so we're doing our best to make as many options available as possible.  Clicking the donate button below will redirect you to the PayPal website:


Thank you again for your partnership and making it possible for others to encounter Christ.

Here is our current list of Missionaries:

  • Neli and Tina Atiga (Pastors and Creative Arts Missionaries)
  • John and Janie Birdwell (Cross Cultural Missionaries)
  • Fitaloa Bryce (Campus and Creative Arts Missionary)
  • Mica Doce (Campus Missionary)
  • Chandel Emerson (MPD Dir. of Op., Cross Cultural Missionary)
  • Michael and Katrina Errazo (Full-Time Missionary)
  • Wee-Yeong and Reeta Eyou (Pastor and Campus Missionary)
  • Sisela Latu (Creative Arts Missionary)
  • Erik Lopeti (Cross Cultural and Creative Arts Missionary)
  • Wotylah Mendoza (Full-Time Missionary)
  • Karina Nandan (Campus Missionary)
  • Pena and Melaia Ofe (Missionaries in Training)
  • John and Jan Saison (Director of World Missions - North America)
  • Taulu and Rowena Schuster (Pastors and Creative Arts Missionaries)
  • Priskila Sumual (Full-Time Missionary)
  • Jarrett and Nicole Suniula (Pastors & Cross Cultural Missionaries)
  • Leonard Tan (Campus Missionary)

If you have any general questions about the ministry or specific questions about an Every Nation NZ missionary, please contact us via e-mail: mpd@everynation.kiwi.nz.

You're also welcome to phone the office +64 (9) 579 0817.  Please inform the person who answers of which missionary you'd like to speak with.  If you have no specific missionary in mind, please inform the person you'd like to talk about 'MPD' and they will transfer your accordingly.

If you would like more information on Every Nation Ministries, please visit our "About" page on the international website: www.everynation.org/about/

ENM NZ's Mailing address is:  P.O. Box 12773, Penrose, Auckland, 1642, New Zealand.

Thank you for visiting us today!